Christine enjoys teaching and performing in Seattle, Washington. She freelances as a pianist at classical and alternative music venues, and recently performed at the Carnegie Hall in New York City, at the American Protege 2013 Piano Competition, where she won Second Place.  

Christine maintains a private teaching studio, where she enjoys working with children and adults and sharing her love of music with them.  Learning music is like learning a new language, and one that communicates powerfully without the use of any words! Yet, music can express the heart and mind unlike any other language, and being fluent can open up a whole new world of enjoyment and expression for musicians that will last a lifetime.  

There are many other benefits to studying music.  The discipline learned while studying piano during formative years, helps contribute to academic success.  The persistence and patience required to learn to play, builds character.  And the experience of mastering tasks that are challenging leads to bolstered confidence in children.  

The most wonderful part, of course, is that music is so enjoyable and rewarding in of itself!  

Through Musical Stories, Christine hopes that many families and youth would fall in love with classical music.  Because good music is good music, no matter the genre.  And there's such amazing classical music out there!


Christine began her private piano studies at three years of age. She was hooked, and continued studying for over 20 years, notably with Akiko Hasunuma, among other teachers.  She won numerous awards for her performances, including those at the Southwestern Youth Music Festival, Junior Bach Festival, California-Nevada-Hawaii Talent Competition, and many more. She received her B.A. from Wellesley College, continuing her Piano Performance studies there with Charlie Fisk, Phylllis Carey Henderson Professor of Music, and also pursued Piano Performance coursework at the Juilliard School in New York.  She also received her M.Ed. from UCLA.

Christine believes in using a holistic approach to music education - training versatile musicians well-versed in classical music, as well as playing modern pop music - all the while helping build character and discipline in children that will benefit not only their music skills, but also help lay the groundwork discipline necessary for success in life, in any endeavor our children may choose to pursue!