vibrant and soothing, a true delight

 "Musical Stories" is a true delight.  Christine's playing of the classic pieces is beautiful and the stories about these pieces really bring them to life.  It has been a pleasure to be re-introduced to these timeless classics again.  The music is at once vibrant and soothing, and her voice interwoven between the pieces is as soothing as the music.  My 10 year old daughter has been listening to this CD every night at bedtime, falling asleep to the beautiful music. - Lucie, Seattle, WA

fun for kids and adults

Both my 6 year old daughter and I have been listening to it every time we are on the road and it has been a truly wonderful learning experience for us, listening to the beautiful music with stories behind each piece. This masterpiece has helped us to appreciate classical music much more than before, and after listening to the entire CD a few times, my daughter said in her very own words, "It's so great, dreamy, exciting, and soooo imaginative!!" She loves to listen to pop music but this CD definitely broadened her interest to include classical music as well. She is especially intrigued by the life stories of the famous composers told by Christine in her soothing, gentle voice. Because she tends to listen to CDs over and over again, I think she will almost memorize these stories in the very near future!  I personally have learned a lot myself about these famous people and feel so educated!  I would love to listen to her solo pieces soon!  Esther, Valencia, CA 

effortlessly educational 

As a Yale music theorist and mom, I highly recommend this for your child's musical collection. The alternation of music and stories makes this album really unique among children's CDs and effortlessly educational. In the narrative tracks, Christine offers not only interesting stories about the composers, with tidbits that are easy to rehearse/review with young ones, but also suggestions about what to listen for in the following musical track. Your children (and adults too) will be encouraged to listen analytically and critically, while being provided with some historical context.  The pieces are played beautifully, with exceptional clarity and intelligent interpretations.  (Where is Christine's solo album?  That's what I'd like for myself.) 

Ages:  From infants to middle school and beyond.  Infants and toddlers will hear brain-stimulating, uncomplicated piano music and a soothing voice.  Preschoolers will learn interesting stories behind the music.  Elementary-school students will learn different wayts to hear classical music.  Middle-school students will learn to talk about music.  Parents will enjoy quality music, unlike some of the "music" marketed for children and families, and they will have a guide (some vocabulary and the musical selections) for sharing their love for classical music with their kids. 

The stories and listening suggestions can be educational at any age, and it really fills a void in the market for early-childhood classical-music education. I am ordering some more copies to give as gifts. Looking forward to seeing what Christine does next.
- Music Theorist Mom, New Haven, CT


This is my new favorite CD to listen to. I bought it for my kids but found that I am the one listening to it the most and sharing with my friends! My kids do like it, but rarely sit still long enough to listen to it in its entirety. I however, find it so intriguing that I can't STOP listening to it. I grew up playing classical piano, but never knew much about the composers I was playing.  This CD offers short excerpts on a variety of pieces from the most well known composers in history, with arrangements that are played with incredible precision, purpose and passion.  It's inspired me to dust off the old books from my archives and delve in myself.  Music is such a gift and this CD is truly a gift to be coveted.  I am purchasing more to give to my friends and relatives! - Debbie, Seattle, WA


What an amazing CD!!! The artist provides a history of famous composers, providing insight not only into their musical style and influences, but also into their character as well. I mean, who knew that Bach was given a scholarship... for his singing? Or that Haydn was a prankster who incorporated whimsy into his music? The artist narrates the story about the composer, and then plays famous pieces for each composer, and she plays absolutely beautifully. I would recommend this CD for anyone who loves music, particularly if you have a child whom you want to love and appreciate classical music. I can't say enough about this.
- Amazon Customer, Los Angeles, CA